Consistent growth
In both, gross and net profits with revenues exceeding 350 million on average for the last three years
Using our capital, shareholder loans from the group, and existing credit lines across multiple well recognized swiss banks, we maintain a balance sheet of over 500 million dollars taken as average for the last three years. The final number depends on the utilization of bank loans at the end of the year.

Eminent’s focus on adding value in niche markets has resulted in a substantial increase in trade profit margins and revenues. The company shows consistent growth in both, gross and net profits.
Average growth in retained earnings over the past 4 years
The company shows consistent growth in both, gross and net profits, having last year gross and net margin of 6.5 and 4.4 % respectively, with revenues exceeding 350 million on average for the last three years.
In 2017 the group has been approached by the owners of Local West Ukrainian oil base and gas stations. The operations of the company were substantially distressed. The financing bank made them an offer to restructure the existing debt and a discount
The group started supply of petroleum products to the company while controlling improvements on the operational side
Eminent Group evaluated the business assets and made decision to finance the deal on a hybrid basis: debt secured by oil base & 23 Gas stations + equity share in existing business
By now the net profit has risen to $12 million from negative, the company earns it’s margin on supply
In 2018 Eminent finalized the distressed debt restructuring investment secured by a portfolio of gas stations and oil base in west Ukraine. Structured through both debt and equity participation to benefit from the long-term petroleum network growth.
Total Project Costs
Gas stations and collateral Oil base
Expected yield + PIK + margin on petroleum sales
Oil Base Capacity
41 500
Storage capabilities are a key component in Eminent’s business strategy. The company already uses several storage facilities for both crude oil and distillates. Through its storage capacity, Eminent can offer improved flexibility and availability for supplying buyers in key markets.
Expected yield
Terminal Capacity
Long-term cooperation
Eminent signed long-term throughput agreement with a major oil and gas trading company. The agreement is expiring in 2030. Additional income from sale after the contract expiration in 2030.
Major terminal in Belgium
Antwerp oil products terminal 700B was initialised with an investment of 215,000,000 EUR in 2017 and saw a swift construction completion in 2019. Eminent Energy owns 45%. The asset has a key location in the harbour and has jetties on site.
750 000
When chilled to -162 degrees natural gas forms a liquid, allowing huge volumes of energy to be condensed into a transportable cargo which can be shipped globally. LNG trading is opening new markets across the developed and developing world as it removes the need for expensive pipeline infrastructure projects linking producer and consumer that historically dominated trade in natural gas.

We believe the gas market is evolving rapidly to resemble global oil markets, with the previous regional model defunct as consumers compete for supply and producers able to optimize their portfolios globally. Eminent is well placed to leverage our experience to provide liquidity and connect buyers and sellers, wherever they are located.
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
The dynamic energy market is evolving, and we are evolving with it
The carbon credit market is split into two parts, the compliance market includes governmental regulatory authorities which issue carbon credits as a limit on emissions. EU Emission trading system (ETS) includes nationally issued certificates that companies must buy to comply with the market regulations. European Emission allowances (EUAs) are traded on the ICE commodities exchange.

The voluntary market, on the other hand, is driven by the consumer and it involves direct investment into carbon offset projects.

One way to obtain VCUs is through the CME exchange, they could also be bought independently directly from investments.
carbon credits
Our aim is to develop a physical footprint through trading and investment in supply and flexible assets across the globe.
Gas futures
Eminent’s move into natural gas trading is underpinned by the belief it is a fundamentally crucial fuel in the transition to a net zero world. Global gas markets are becoming ever more interconnected with LNG traded volume increasing annually.
The dynamic energy market is evolving, and we are evolving with it
Natural Gas is used for domestic heating, power generation and by heavy industry. Demand is growing as the world looks to transition towards lower carbon intensity fuels, and when combined with the addition of new markets natural gas will be a key global energy source for years to come.

Eminent’s team has extensive experience in the global gas markets, from investments in natural gas infrastructure projects in Central Asia to commercial optimization of European physical assets such as storage, transportation capacity, LNG terminals, gas fired power stations, and flexible supply contracts. We are well positioned to provide pricing and risk management solutions to our global partners as we continue to grow our physical portfolio.
Natural Gas
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