Using our capital, shareholder loans from the group, and existing credit lines across multiple well recognized swiss banks, we maintain a balance sheet of over 500 million dollars taken as average for the last three years. The final number depends on the utilization of bank loans at the end of the year.

Eminent’s focus on adding value in niche markets has resulted in a substantial increase in trade profit margins and revenues. The company shows consistent growth in both, gross and net profits.
Average growth in retained earnings over the past 4 years
The company shows consistent growth in both, gross and net profits, having last year gross and net margin of 6.5 and 4.4 % respectively, with revenues exceeding 350 million on average for the last three years.
In 2017 the group has been approached by the owners of Local West Ukrainian oil base and gas stations. The operations of the company were substantially distressed. The financing bank made them an offer to restructure the existing debt and a discount
The group started supply of petroleum products to the company while controlling improvements on the operational side
Eminent Group evaluated the business assets and made decision to finance the deal on a hybrid basis: debt secured by oil base & 23 Gas stations + equity share in existing business
By now the net profit has risen to $12 million from negative, the company earns it’s margin on supply
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